Life..In My Perspective

Forged from the Brick of Newark, New Jersey.. a young artist stand alone in his own character. Raised in an abusive home he strives for nothing Less than Greatness . Aries , Malcolm McQueen is becoming one of the most heard, up coming atrsits! ^On The Rise movement and UMAD Productions is Pure Motivation ! Involving himself with fellow artists such as J.Rocwell, Young Goldie,UMAD, Papi WarBuck$:.. YoungDuce a.k.a "Mr.19", has a dirty sound , bringing in the House Vibe with a Mix of East Coast Hip Hop to his flow .. Be Advised for his Newest Mixtape Dropping 2011 !! ALRREADY DROPPED -->> no shitting but im flushing ya niggas !~ YounGDucE

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